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Door County Sled Dogs Home Page!

Here’s where to help in a way that any rescue needs most! The Door County Sled Dogs are all rescue dogs.

So many have sad pasts, but today all are indoor pets as well as working dogs. Some are sled dogs on our recreational team working to promote educational concepts such as leadership skills, team building, and good pet care with hundreds, if not thousands, of children and families year round.

Some are older with still so much to offer, deserving a chance at a great life and acting as ambassadors for all senior dogs and animals. Others are special needs, acting as ambassadors working primarily with children, families, and the elderly.

All bring big healthy smiles to everyone they meet but they just can’t do it alone. They require ongoing permanent year-round care and your kindness and donations will seriously make the difference in so many lives. Please help these good good dogs.

Send mail and packages!
One time donations help with the many emergency medical issues that come up with so many good good rescue dogs.

A monthly donation is what really allows everyone to sleep better at night - knowing someone special sincerely has their backs!

God bless you and your big big heart!

Or Help the Dogs Individually:
Help Izzie! Izzie needs help! Initially, she was rescued out of a barn one night along with 66 other huskies. Overbred for their good looks & temperament, she has struggled with medical and surgeries since 6 months old.

In spite of this, Izzie has always worked very hard (and so cheerfully) as an ambassador with children and families promoting kindness and understanding.

As a senior dog, Izzie has beat the odds but still has Cushing’s Disease requiring major medications to keep her going.

She is such a worthy good good girl. Won’t you please help her?
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Izzie's Care

Help Riley! Riley at 8 years has only had a couple of years to have a great pet life so far and has unfortunately lost all his teeth.

He is a beautiful Alaskan Husky with a past life of racing and only living outdoors. Today he gets to do what he loves best: running and being a lead dog. He loves his pet home and is always trying to show his gratitude with tail wags and hugs.

Riley is the sweetest, kindest pup imaginable! Sadly, he will always need help with his food and vet costs, allowing him to be the happy-go-lucky dog he is surely deserves to be.
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Riley's Care

Help Sebastian! Sebastian at 9 years old is a great working sled dog. Nicknamed the “Nanny” dog, no Door County Sled Dog has ever done more for children, capturing their attention and holding their interest. He is an expert at helping shy or “afraid of dogs” children become comfortable with furry friends!

Sebastian has ongoing dental issues always needing help to stay in good care.
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Sebastian's Care

Help T-Bone! T-Bone - really care about senior dogs? At 11 years old, this sweet sweet boy just got his first ever pet home with us in the last year.

He immediately required eye surgery and is on life-long eye medication, but he cheerfully continues to help welcome other rescues in while playing with them and modeling good behavior.
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T-Bone's Care

Help Chewie! Chewie the Coonhound Sled Dog is 8 years old and an ambassador for all breeds needing rescue. Cuddly, sweet, and oh-so-loud in the way only a hound can be!

Chewie is required to be under continual vet care due to low blood platelets and a heart murmur, but with help can continue to be a really happy contributing member of the team.
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Chewie's Care

Help Happy! Happy was rescued one night out of a barn along with 66 other huskies (and his sister Izzie!). With deformed knee caps, we quickly discovered he could not pull in front of the sled. Initially sad, ultimately no problem! This cheerful and hard-working boy learned to ride the sled!

He is the captain of our team and ambassador for special needs animals, children, and people. He continually promotes the philosophy that though challenged, his ability to make adaptations is no better or worse than others around him - simply different.

Happy also has a rare genetic disease and doesn’t see so well but with your ongoing help, this good sweet boy brings out big smiles wherever he goes.
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Happy's Care

Who is your favorite Door County Sled Dog?

Our Sponsor-A-Sled Dog program allows you to keep tabs on your favorite sled dog or give a friend or loved one the gift of their very own sponsored team dog!

Your tax-deductible sponsorship provides the Door County Sled Dogs with much-needed financial support! All funds go directly to the care and upkeep of our animals and equipment, and to the educational programs we provide to the community.


We believe that the impact of meeting a sled dog in-person is profound, and that this connection helps us all comprehend the importance of understanding the connection between working dog breeds, ourselves, and the community.

Your sponsorship helps all the Door County Sled Dogs to keep doing their great work in the community year-round.

Sponsorships make great holiday, anniversary, graduation or retirement gifts! They can also be made in memory of a beloved family member, friend or pet. Your kindness and generosity makes a world of difference in the lives of the rescues - you help save lives!

Thank you!