The Door County Sled Dogs
We are proud of helping to rehome over 200 rescues through adoptions and by working with others.
All were a perfect match up!

If you are interested in any of our wonderful rescues, please access our adoption application here and send your completed form to: 

You can also contact us with questions but you must include a very detailed description of who you are - ages, number of family members, had a husky before? Fenced or not yard - what are you looking for in your pet, etc.

Our rescues go VERY quickly as we try to not rehome them until they are "Home Ready" as well as offering ongoing mentor and volunteer opportunities along the way. A "win-win"  for everyone. The more detailed inquiry on your end, the better chance of receiving a prompt response on ours.  
Thank you!  We cannot wait to meet you!
Send gifts to:
Door County Sled Dogs
1111 E. Vienna Ave.
Milwaukee, WI  53212

  ***These good, good dogs  
         love presents***

The Rescues THANK YOOU!