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Here's a bit of a personal viewpoint... We have some pretty amazing photos of us mushing, of both the team and their mushers but this one, taken yesterday is a favorite. Why? Because we made the turns!  - Just kidding -lol! No seriously, because:

1) Jellie Mae (left) came to us as a bad eater, sort of a left over team dog living with an excellent racing team and although a nice dog, was certainly not a star. But today she is my favorite Lead Dog sharing a personal relationship with me that knows no bounds. She is a legend in the making! 

2) Quik (right) is a seriously newer rescue that is working his heart out to be the best of good Lead Dogs and we appreciate that he wants to do good so badly but are also totally committed to gently helping him adjust - to both remaining a sled dog (which he loves) AND showing him how to live as an indoor pet while intimately living with such a large dog family... ❤ and

3) Almost best of all - Baby Buster (center) is experiencing his first-ever scooter experience toward becoming a sled dog - the perfect activity for this very smart, VERY energetic breed (Border Collie) that needs and deserves the right job in life. So darn many good things happening in just this one picture. It makes our hearts sing. We hope it makes yours sing also.

Oh... and did I mention? All this and I'm personally and selfishly having the time of my life! Can you tell?

~xoxo Musher Bonnie
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