The Door County Sled Dogs
Meet The Team!
George is from the Washington County Humane Society, he survived being in two different shelters before making his way to us. He is playful, smart, energetic and a natural Leader. 
Happy makes us HAPPY! He comes to us from one of the largest rescue operations ever in Wisconsin. He is a Special Needs dog. He has deformed knee-caps, so he cannot pull on the sled. Instead, he is our ambassador and his real job is to ride ON the sled, keeping an eye on everything.
Beautiful Two, a Border Collie/Husky, is one of our best lead dogs. She is great at following directions and making smart decisions while on the trail. She loves playing with her “babies” and meeting new people. Our nickname for her is "our Love" and once given a chance to know her, you too will fall in love with her! 

The word “mush” comes from the French word “marche” and means “to walk or march.” The mushers certainly do a lot of that and more. They must never take their eyes off of the team, making sure all the lines are straight, tight, not tangled and moving in the right direction. Also, they must continually look ahead in order to give the right commands. They must be willing to run, pedal, or push the team whenever they are in various conditions calling for some extra “umph!’ Mushers take these responsibilities very seriously and Rick and Bonnie live by the philosophy, “When you tame something, you are responsible for it.”

The Door County Sled Dogs team is made up of separate parts, none more important than the other. Each relies on one another and is eager and willing to do their part. The sport of dog sledding is a high-energy sport with all the ups and downs that entails. It is great exercise and it is sometimes tricky. It can be dangerous and even life-threatening under certain circumstances. But given the right conditions and a top-notch team, it is more often graceful, poetic, and wondrous. Our Founders Rick and Bonnie sum it all up by saying, “Mostly, it’s A BLAST!”

Musher Bonnie
Musher Rick
Star was rescued from right here in Door County along with her sisters, Valentine and Rose, and her mom, Emma. Star is also the sweetest dog you will ever meet. There is something about her that makes kids fall in love with her in seconds and she loves them too! She is always full of enthusiastic smiles! She loves to eat and loves to love! ... Oh, and did we mention? The best sled dog around!​
Chewie the Coonhound was one of our most unique rescues in 2018. Rescued at the last moment from a kill shelter in Kentucky by another wonderful rescue he spent 6 months in their rescue. With no signs that they were going to be able to adopt him out they contacted us. We’d never had a coonhound before but we said “ok, we’ll take him and find him a home.” After bringing him in and finding him to be deaf and mostly blind the work began taking him to vets to find and answer. Treatment for severe ear infections got his hearing back and miraculously his sight improved as well, although as a hound he tends to forget his eyes and just follow his nose. Still in foster he has quickly become a DCSD favorite. Learning to be a sled dog has been an adventure for Chewie but he is just so happy to be included in anything we are doing! 
Erza was brought in as a permanent DCSD rescue after his owners weren’t able to keep him because of his ballooning medical costs caused by an autoimmune disorder that took his left eye. Since bringing him into rescue he has had treatment from many vets and is doing well and we are happy to say he has been able to keep his right eye! 
Audie was originally born at a long distance race kennel in the UP, unfortunately he is a pop picky eater and couldn't do his job as a long distance racer. He was adopted by a woman in the military who had a small mid-distance recreational mushing team. Unfortunately her circumstances changed and she needed to find new homes for her dogs quickly. We were able to help rehome them all with Audie staying with the DCSD organization. Audie is a great lead dog for our recreational team, he's also a class A cuddle buddy. Come cuddle him at our next event!! 
​Louie is the best adventure buddy around, and is always ready for a new one! He blesses his humans with his joyful demeanor and his absolute excitement about life. He also brings them much laughter with his goofiness and playful personality.
Sebastian was found as a stray up north and brought down to the Wisconsin Humane Society where he stayed for a month before one of the DCSD volunteers found him and alerted the organization. At first he seemed like too much dog for even us, crazy hyper high energy from a month of being kept in a room the size of a closet. But then we thought if not us who can handle him? After being exercised a lot for a month and taken to obedience classes he became a great dog! Rated PG-13 by the humane society he turned out to be the biggest nanny dog, always seeking out the smallest children. Sebastian has one of the biggest smiles and can't wait to meet you at our next event! 

Ilya is a TRUE rescue, born in the front lobby of Free Spirit Siberian Rescue to parents brought in that day from a kill shelter in Georgia. Ilya is basically the perfect dog, he runs as a leader, he's wonderful helping with children who have fears of dogs, and he can excel at being a cuddly couch potato. Come meet Ilya at his next event, you won't regret it! 

Valentine and three other Alaskan Huskies were rescued by the Door County Sled Dogs after finding out that their musher had left them behind on three foot chains with barrels to escape the elements behind an unplowed field in Door County. They had been out there for a couple months when we heard about them and got permission to go in and rescue them. Although they had a person feeding them daily while they were chained they were very timid around people and had never been inside a house. Valentine has adjusted well to her new indoor life but if you see her at a meet and greet she is still a somewhat timid girl around strangers, but if you see her in harness in front of a sled you'll see who she really is! A mushing machine! 

Mochi is a 2 year old Alaskan Husky that started out as a total pet dog and is now an amazing sled dog! She is so powerful and definitely always pulls with HEART! One of the very sweetest members of the team!
Bobo is not a good Pyranees. He's a
GREAT PYRANEES! Big, lumbering, a gentle giant - they are the Guardians of livestock! He came to us as abandoned in Kentucky but still wanting to do his duty and have a job! He is quickly becoming a valued member of the team. Not fast but very very strong and he loves not being left behind. Why would we?
Auggie is a young husky mix rescued in Milwaukee. He is a strong and hardworking sled dogs whose 2nd love is children!.
Bob, always an incredibly enthusiast Lead Dog is currently 14.5 yrs and retired. He's in pretty good shape and still loves to meander around, acting the lead dog, still in charge!
Izzie is Happy's sister and came from the Fond du lac Humane Society when 67 Huskies were rescued out of a barn one night.Over breeding resulted in most of the rescues having medical issues. Both 6 mo. old puppies had deformed kneecaps with Izzie having 3 surgeries. She is in great shape today, loves to ride the sled with Happy and are ambassadors for Special Needs dogs and children alike.Sweet sweet sweet describes this beautiful little girl.
Cruz was a 2013 Beargrease Race champion, coming to us with poorly healed broken wrists. Today he is a champion rescued dog,of course no longer pulling in front of a sled but instead  delighting children and friends of all ages. What a guy!
Riley is an 8 yr. old Alaskan husky semi-retired from the racing world having run 300 mile races all his life and starting to stiffen up. He is still a powerhouse with speed, endurance, and enthusiasm being his best traits, along with his just being the nicest boy! He comes from Canada and LOVES being a pet dog as well as still being able to go go go. 
Musher Dan

      T - BONE              
T- Bone is a newer rescue and if you love senior dogs, he's the best! He loves the opportunity to EXCEL at being a sled dogs in spite of being a very young 11 yrs old.

KK is a 6 yr. old retired champion show dog that loves being a Door County sled dog during his retirement..
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