The Door County Sled Dogs
Meet The Team!
It really is all about Bob! He is a young and enthusiastic lead dog. He is super smart and takes his job so seriously that he leads the others through “brain or brawn” – whatever it takes!
Cool Dog comes from Ohio as an only dog in a pet home and when his owner had to surrender him, he was brought to us. He’s never got over his good fortune and always wants to be the first to go.
George is from the Washington County Humane Society, he survived being in two different shelters before making his way to us. He is playful, smart, energetic and a natural Leader. 
Happy makes us HAPPY! He comes to us from one of the largest rescue operations ever in Wisconsin. He is a Special Needs dog. He has deformed knee-caps, so he cannot pull on the sled. Instead, he is our ambassador and his real job is to ride ON the sled, keeping an eye on everything.
Jellie-Mae is a Seppala Siberian Husky. It’s not unusual for her to jump 6 ft. into the air to show us how badly she wants to go mushing! We call her the ballerina but she’s convinced she’s the strongest, fastest dog of all!”
Mushka is one tough little Lead dog! Sometimes she still has butterflies on the brain but we don’t mind, she’s such a hard little worker! All she ever says is “Wooo – Wooo – I wanna’ be a sled dog, I wanna’ be a sled dog..” She doesn’t seem to know it but she’s such a little natural that she’s been a great sled dog since day one!
Beautiful Two, a Border Collie/Husky, is one of our best lead dogs. She is great at following directions and making smart decisions while on the trail. She loves playing with her “babies” and meeting new people. Our nickname for her is "our Love" and once given a chance to know her, you too will fall in love with her! 

"It's no secret that the hardest working members of the team are the mushers! Maybe that’s because there are 10 of them and only two of us.” Rick Desotelle and Bonnie Ulrich drive the team using the word “hike!” with authority and enthusiasm. Their job is to be sure that everyone on the team is well cared for, in good health, and are happy – whatever that takes!

The word “mush” comes from the French word “marche” and means “to walk or march.” The mushers certainly do a lot of that and more. They must never take their eyes off of the team, making sure all the lines are straight, tight, not tangled and moving in the right direction. Also, they must continually look ahead in order to give the right commands. They must be willing to run, pedal, or push the team whenever they are in various conditions calling for some extra “umph!’ Mushers take these responsibilities very seriously and Rick and Bonnie live by the philosophy, “When you tame something, you are responsible for it.”

The Door County Sled Dogs team is made up of separate parts, none more important than the other. Each relies on one another and is eager and willing to do their part. The sport of dog sledding is a high-energy sport with all the ups and downs that entails. It is great exercise and it is sometimes tricky. It can be dangerous and even life-threatening under certain circumstances. But given the right conditions and a top-notch team, it is more often graceful, poetic, and wondrous. Rick and Bonnie sum it all up by saying, “Mostly, it’s A BLAST!”

Musher Bonnie
Musher Rick
Star was rescued from right here in Door County along with her sisters, Valentine and Rose, and her mom, Emma. Star is also the sweetest dog you will ever meet. There is something about her that makes kids fall in love with her in seconds and she loves them too! She is always full of enthusiastic smiles! She loves to eat and loves to love! ... Oh, and did we mention? The best sled dog around!​
The Rescues THANK YOOU!

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Joining the team in 2017 at just 10 weeks old, "Katie-Boo" has grown to be a true Door County Sled Dog. In the Winter, along with practicing her new sledding talent, she visits people in need of a little extra TLC!  During the Summer you can meet Katie and her friends in Ephraim, Door County at the Education & Discovery Center!
A 3 yr. old Siberian Husky, Pirate came to us from a shelter in Kansas City. Timid beyond belief, he found his calling in front of the sled! People, other dogs, but especially children(!), are what he loves most in the world. Oh and pulling the sled along the trails of course!